Trade in your MR816 and get £200 discount

Errrr, no thanks! Lol :open_mouth: :smiley:

Thanks for valuing it at £200. Think I’ll hang on to it.

EXACTLY, This is some stupidness here and ticks me off. Give us a discount on the UR816 then that may be an option. Problem is the cost to manufacture the UR816C is probably hundreds less than the MR816X or CSX since they are QUALITY

How many of us are going to spring for that 2500 box with the rebate knowing how they dropped us here. Not many me thinks

Noooooooo. Not buying into Steinberg hardware again until I see a clear change in policy over time.

When I upgraded my interfaces I eventually went for Apollo’s, suited workflows etc. Cost of each interface was £2600 approx for an x8p. Deal at the time was a free Octo satellite with each (worth £1k) plus 3 free plugs with each, approx £450. Didn’t need the plugs as was already using and octo Pcie card and already had all the plugs I needed. With the free additions each interface effectively cost me £1200 approx. (I could have sold on the octo satellites).

A mate sold his 8 year old silverface Apollo for £850. You can still upgrade the unit with a TB2 or TB3 card and it’s solid. Good as new if you’re on the latest protocol.

Like with RME and so many others in a similar price range, they’ve all made interfaces that have a potential life up to 20 years thanks to adaptable/upgradable connection options. They don’t devalue or shelve working hardware by selectively opting to not update a driver.

The new AXRT and AXR4U may be as a good as or even better than the Mr816 sound wise, but I’d like to know that should I decide to upgrade in the future, regardless of whether I’ve had my monies worth, that it’s creator still sees it in the same way as most of its loyal users and fans. That’s as the interface that gave them a reputation boost in the interface world, use it to support everything that came after by ensuring that as long as there are connection options to a users computer that they update the drivers to accommodate.

Maybe not intentional, but the “buy an AXR4 and get £200 for your MR816” campaign, seems like nothing other than a … you were right, we don’t give poop about our reputation, just need to sell this god damn interface as it ain’t flyin off the shelf as expected and it’s being discounted to hell in stores everywhere, and man we can’t even give the friggin thing away at the moment for some reason we don’t get. Maybe because we don’t listen to the existing customer base and valued the MR816 at a laughable loyalty price, people are shying away …

Who knows! …

Sunday mornings :flushed::blush:

Ya’ll got to read the fine print:

“The discount on the AXR4 can only be used one time and for one MR interface. You can keep your MR interface.”

They aren’t “valuing it” at anything. They are giving you a discount if you own one and letting you keep the MR816

… Unless if your are (like me) from Australia where they are not even allowing / including us in this promotion !!!

Neither Australia or New Zealand as far as I know, (maybe other countries too ??) but I’m pretty annoyed at Steinberg/Yamaha as clearly they do not
care for all users the same way.

Sorry mate, what’s the difference? The numbers are the same. 200 is 200. They set the bar by offering that low ball price.

As far as tempting promotions go, I bought 2 x x8p form uaudio in the end and got 2 x Octo satellites thrown in plus a rage of plus. Retail promo value of over 2k. Kept my MR’s as ADAT interfaces. What were you saying?