Training/learning videos for Nuendo 10?

Hi there -
I am a new Nuendo user, formerly user of non-Steinberg DAWs, and have been getting into audio post-production from the music world.
Does anyone have any recommendations for comprehensive training on using Nuendo? Any particularly good video series, etc that you’d recommend I look into to help me become an expert in this DAW over time?

To be honest. Yes the tools differ but what is done in post audio is the same regardless of daw.
So make sure to study sound for post more than Nuendo. Nuendo is just a tool. A great tool no doubt, but just a tool.

Oh yes, I surely am trying to study both. Incidentally, any good resources you (or anyone else here) would recommend for learning more of audio post in general? I have got a number of books I’m working my way through, but any online/video/etc resources or books in particular you recommend I’m eager to hear about!

Some infos and interesting video even if it concerns mainly Nuage

As a recent convert to N10 from Pro Tools, I’ve had the same question. More specifically, I was worried if I try to replicate my PT post workflow, I might miss out on different approach (or time saving technique) that would be beneficial. As Reaper users are fond of saying, “Don’t treat Reaper like other DAW’s (don’t make it BE Pro Tools) Learn how to use it for what it is”. Of course, there are more Reaper videos online than anyone can count.

The lack of training videos and online tutorials for Nuendo is surprising.


Devs should definitely pay more attention to this important problem. As a new Nuendo user I had to gather information by tiny pieces. I don’t think making video tutorials is a big deal.

There are some great people in this forum though, Fredo and Erik being a couple. So between the manual and asking questions here - and using the videos that actually exist - you should be able to get pretty far. Like Erik said most of the post stuff is really platform-agnostic.

Though an obvious thing for power user that isn’t even mentioned here is not so obvious for newbie because of different approuch of daw that he used to work in. Yeah tool is tool but at first it seemed to me like I was trying to nail by saw. Seriously it doesn’t hurt to have some common tutorials.



just a side note. Not sure, whether of any value to you pros.

To a large degree, Nuendo is similar to Cubase Pro. So perhaps the video tutorials for Cubase Pro can get you a good step forward coming from the non-Steinberg-DAW community. I found many good video tutorials on Youtube, when I was evaluating Nuendo for immersive audio.

Looking at this page, , you can find the differences. For a couple of parameters, Nuendo has more horse power comparing it to Cubase Pro. E.g. more complex track and speaker layouts beyond 5.1, higher audio resolution etc., more VST plugins etc.

Sure, there are also qualitative features like for post production, gaming, dialog handling, sound design and video. Not sure, which one of those is of relevance for you. I have no better hint than looking at Steinberg or Youtube.

LG, Juergi


What/where would you recommend? :slight_smile:

There are a few decent books on the subject.
Many blog posts and videos. But as for video tutorials of how to actually perform audio post production I think it is pretty limited. There are many video tutorials that deal with limited tips and tricks and there are a few basic ones (most for PT).
Gearslutz post forum will lead to to several books that will get you going. The now sleeping but still working site has lots of useful info and links.
Many sound designers have or had blogs (blogs seem to have gone slightly out of fashion these days so many are not that active). You will have to do some google-fu checking links from one page to another. Some will write extensively about a part of what we do but only once on a single blog and most other posts are more limited in scope etc etc.

To be honest I have seen there is a need for actual editing and mixing videos for Nuendo. I know of at least one other. He do mixer that have considered making some (as have I) but time is limited and the return of time spent is just not there.

Even if you do not have a Yamaha Nuage there is some pretty useful stuff in the Nuage Courseware (you have to access it via the Yamaha website for Nuage). There is a textbook pdf/ePub and accompanying videos. Many are somewhat Nuage specific, but most things you can do using the Nuage controller can also be done using Nuendo itself without a controller (not everything but most).
Along withbthe coursematerial there is a demo film of a short film that beginners may find highly useful as something to use to mess around with.

Thanks all for the reponses. I guess my point is that I already have a background in post. I’ve been mixing a while. It just happens that all of my experience is with one particular program (Pro Tools). A well crafted post-centric tutorial might help expedite my learning. There may be a better way, or some functionality within Nuendo that might speed up my workflow - other than simply replicating what I do in Pro Tools.

I’ll look into the Nuage Courseware.


Thanx for the responses!

Lots to chew on!