Tranformation / Transposition a part from tenor clef to bass clef


I tried to have for the trombone written in tenor clef two additional parts: in bass clef and in violin b-flat. Whats wrong?

Transformation from a bass clef to violin clef Bflat is working as expected. It seems that’s only the part with tenor clef in original.

…another thing:

Returning from the dialog, the dialog window isn’t accessible anymore: it’s grey…

Bildschirmfoto 2022-06-26 um 08.31.21


Version on Mac:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-06-26 um 08.33.33

…tried it on Windows11 with previous version of Dorico: same problem with transformation tenor clef, but the menu isn’t grey after the return from the dialog.

My guess is that the original part and score was made into Tenor Clef via an explicit Clef since there is no native instrument definition for Trombone in Tenor Clef. This overrides the Clef and Transposition settings

Starting with Trombone in Bass Clef, do a Clef and Transposition override into Tenor Clef on the score layout.

For the other two parts, do Clef and Transposition overrides for
Bass → Tenor
Bass → Treble

You’re right!

It was a Trombone with bass clef, because I can’t find Trombone with tenor clef. Starting with a Trombone in bass clef and transposed layout works.

But: …what’s about the problem, that after leaving the dialog and you want to enter again, it’s grey…

I’ve never experienced that so, I can’t say. Someone from the Dorico team may need to look at your file.

Here is the file:

ClefAndTranspositionOverridesGreyAfterDialogLeavingWithOK.dorico (3.8 MB)

Click on Tranposition an Overrides in the layout and leave the dialog with ok. If you want to enter again with right mouse-click: it’s not available/grey.

If you switch to another layout and back, it’s available.


…may it’s really a bug…

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…I only asked…
Do you have any ideas to the “grey-feature”?