tranport panel volume error

I have this problem in cubase 7.01 (32bit - havnt tried in 64bit yet)(i use windows7 64bit ) . I import a stereo file into cubase . When i played the track i heard music almost only from one monitor (the right one)( the volume on the transport panel was about 20%). When i turn up the volume on the transport panel the volume in the second monitor appears ( i have to turn it 100% up to hear equal volume from both monitors) . When i turn the volume on the transport panel down to zero this doesnt affect the right monitor ( it still plays like max volume) so only the left gets quiet. When i open this file in cubase 6.5 this problem does not appear.

What the hell is going on here ? Is there something i should change in preferences ? I cant work with this issue .

Whatever is going on, I can at least assure you it’s got nothing to do with Cubase 7!

What sound card are you using?

What are your system specs?

Well i dont have this issue in cubase 6,5 that i still have instaled. It only happens in cubase 7.01 so i guess it can have something to do with cuabse 7. I run both cubase at 32bit. My computer spec are:

pc: intel i5 3550, gigabyte motherboard, 16gb a-data ram, vertex ssd hard disk + one storage disk , windows 7 64bit

I use SSL Alpha Link Madi AX with madixtreme 64 card.

Ok dumb me . I dont know how this happened but i must have disconnected something. the problem were in my vst connections :stuck_out_tongue: . 1 output were inactive . Now its ok .