Transfer A License From Usb-elicenser To Soft-elicenser


That is, I want to stop using the USB Stick and put the license on my hard-drive to free up a USB slot on my laptop.



Depends on which specific version of Cubase you’re using.

It is correct that you can’t transfer from USB to hard drive, only the other direction is possible.

However, there’s talk of an alternative coming in the future.

That sucks. I thought I could free up an USB hub.


NWP, How, exactly?

You can not transfer a license from USB- to soft eLicenser - no matter which Cubase version.

If you want to free a USB port, why don’t you use a (small) USB-hub?

Not talking about transferring a license, but since the OP won’t post the exact Cubase version I don’t know if my advice is relevant.

Dear NWP,

unfortunately this is not true. It is not possible to transfer a license from the USB-eLicenser to the Soft-eLicenser, regardless of the Cubase version. Even if you transfer a Cubase LE license from the Soft-eLicenser to the USB-eLicenser, you cannot transfer it back to the SeL.


Sorry for the delay it is Cubase 7 I am using.


This changes the entire thread.


I moved my Cubase Elements 10 soft elicense to USB elicenser for mobility needs and work on a Laptop from a customer, now I want to back the licenser to my PC soft elicenser and I can’t!

This system really suck, other company’s have a modern options to activate and store licenses like AVID now you can have your licenses in the Cloud to activate and open a project anytime and anywhere, or like Presonus that permit activate up to 5 computers to work anytime and anywhere and you can deactivated old or unused computer.

It’s time to Steinberg give this great step and deprecate the annoying USB dongle.


any news how to transfer cubase ai from the usbe to the soft
i want to use in cubse at once Please!!

thank you very much

You can not transfer a USB elicense to soft eLicense. Cubase AI uses soft eLicenser by default, so there is no need to transfer the license anywhere. Unless you bought an AI version that is licensed on USB eLicenser, but didnˋt get that USB elicenser from the seller. Then you need to contact the seller to give the USB eLicenser to you, otherwise you can not use that version.

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