Transfer Cubase Projects to External Drive

Is there a recommended way to transfer Cubase projects to an external drive? I’m freeing up space on my computer’s drive - that’s all. All projects are in their own directory. Is it as simple as moving those directories or would that wreck or disconnect things related to the project?


File > Backup Project

But if you have 500 projects? Not fun to open each project separately to save a backup. How to save a full backup on all projects at the same time in the easiest way?

If you just move them in the Finder/File Explorer and then open from that new location, Cubase will ask you for the new location of the audio files. Then you will set the new path.

Maybe this is easier in this case.

I’d also like to backup everything I’ve done on Cubase to an external hard drive.
Where is the ‘Finder/File Explorer’?
And what does this mean: ‘Cubase will all you for the new location of the audio files’ ?
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If you want to make a backup, use File > Backup project function, please.

Sorry, there was a typo. I meant " ‘Cubase will ask you for the new location of the audio files’."

Cheers Martin, will try that.

Also, if I was thinking more clearly I probably could have guessed what the typo meant!

Thanks, Beth.

This was helpful to me also. I am moving files from my Macbook Pro SSD (I installed in place of the CD player) to my Macbook Pro data drive which has much more space. I am also moving from Cubase 8.5 Pro to Cubase 9 Pro so I wanted to make sure everything went smoothly. Fortunately I am usually playing a piano track with a piano plug-in (Ivory Pianos) and when I open Cubase 8.5 and backup the project I only have the project file (.cpr) to worry about. If I use BIAB I have to find the audio files. I am creating separate project folders for Cubase 9 so that everything is easy to find.

On another note I really liked the transport controls at the top of the track page. I guess now that they are back on the bottom I will need to learn my keyboard short cuts. Good to find this group.

Hello again,
I tried looking for ‘Backup project’ under ‘File’ but there doesn’t seem to be that option.
I’m using Cubase SE - an old version of Cubase.
Do you know if I have to look elsewhere?
p.s. I’ve tried Googling it but can’t seem to find anything.


I would say this is maybe exclusive for higher derivative (SX in your is Cubase version).

“Backup Project” was called “save project to new folder” in earlier versions.
Instead of googling try the manual. The function is explained there in detail.