transfer cubase sx3 project to cubase 5(with BPM info)

Hi, I’m new to this forum. Never used forums before but I hope there’s someone out there that can help me.
I urgently need to transfer my project from cubase sx3 to cubase 5 to put real drums in another guy’s studio. I sort of got the hang of OMF the other day, Tested it out and all the files loaded up in the right place.
The only big problem was because the song comes in 3 parts and they are all in different BPM. It did not save the BPM info using OMF so I can’t use the click track which I really need to get the drummer to play in time. Do you have any advice on how to get around this problem. Any info would be much appreciated.
Cheers. Martin

Have you tried just copying the entire project folder?

otherwise, good old pen and paper never fails :laughing: