Transfer elicenser

How do you transfer from one dongle to another?
The Knowledgebase states:

Can I transfer them onto one single USB-eLicenser?
Yes, by using the transfer wizard in the eLicenser Control Center.

Maybe I’m going blind. Where is the ‘transfer wizard’ in the eLicenser Control Centre?

OK - There is no such ‘transfer wizard’. It’s a case of drag and drop between each dongle.

USB-eLicenser/Steinberg Key - Details, Tips and Troubleshooting

How to transfer a license from Soft-eLicenser to USB-eLicenser

Here´s the thing.
I am a registered user of Steinberg products.
I want to buy a license of a product to another registered steinberg user (it is a legacy product).
How do we do that?
I mean, is there a way to do it on line (the license transfer)? I am in Argentina, and the other fellow lives in the US.
How does he transfers his license hosted in his usb steinberg key to mine?
Is there a wizard, or something called “flexihub”?
We need to notice Steinberg about it before the transfer?

Is it about selling/buing e licence? If yes, follow this, please.

I also want to move licence to another user online… It could be too expensive sending dongle from another side of the world to me and than back to him… couldn’t find anything about transfering licence online on steinberg page… is there any option to do that?


I’m sorry to say that there is no such option; to transfer a license from one eLicenser to another, they need to be connected to the same computer.

Although not officially supported, others have explored the possibilities to connect USB devices via a TCP/IP network.
But I would doubt that setting up any such scenario would be “easier” than physically sending a USB-eLicenser via postal mail.

I’m in the same situation here. I want to buy a Cubase 8.5 pro from other user (and other country), and I’d like to understand if there is a chance for doing that without sending the physical USB elicenser (as I allready own two).
The seller only has on USB key, and another product licenses on it, so if I understood the “wizard process”, there is a way…
if he “buy a new USB dongle”, and register that dongle with steinberg, and move the Cubase license to that dongle, and then he goes to “my products” ->elicenser view, and the click on the “new USB dongle” ->delete registration.
The buyer would be able to register that “serial” to his own elicenser?


This is the Serial Number of the physical USB-eLicenser. You cannot register this Serial Number of one physical USB-eLicenser to another physical USB-eLicenser. This is a unique Number for every single USB-eLicenser.

It’s necessary to send the dongle with the license.

Which part of

is unclear to you?