Transfer files from one computer to another

I have upgraded to cubase 6 and bought a laptop too so I can record my choir in a hall.
I prepared a backing on my main computer and transferred it to my laptop and added an audio track of my choir. All went well.

HOWEVER when I saved the recording as a cpr file from my laptop on a memory stick it would not open properly on my main computer.

It had the coloured bar but not any audio.

Also there were parts of audio tracks FROM OTHER PROJECTS which did play!!!

How do I save my files from my laptop to open in the same way on my main computer?

Please help!


The .cpr file does not contain any audio.

If you look at the file structure, the top folder will be named after your project and in that are the .cpr files and more folders like Audio, etc. You want to copy the entire Top folder and all its contents.

Or do a backup project and copy the resultant folder over.

Thanks for your reply. What you say makes sense but sadly I’m more of a musician than a technophile.

When you say look in the ‘file structure’ where do you mean?

I’d be grateful if you could show me a list of actions to achieve the ‘save’ action on to my memory stick.

In the meantime I’ll try the ‘back up’ solution.

Thanks very much.

Assuming your memory stick has enough capacity for the audio file[s]…

Load the project into Cubase on your laptop

Select File/Backup Project…
“Set Project Folder” opens with a directory window.

Select the memory stick icon.
Press “New Folder”, give it a [meaningful] title, eg “CHOIR RECORDING”
press the OK button
in the “Backup Project Options” dialog that now opens, select as appropriate - the options are self-explanatory.
[Hint If you don’t tick anything, everything will be copied]
The Project Name will be the same as the project on the laptop - you can change it if desired, but you can also leave it the same!
The Project and all underlying folders will be copied to the memory stick in a folder called “CHOIR RECORDING”.

Plug the stick to the main computer, in windows explorer select the CHOIR RECORDING folder, press CTRL and C ,
select your working drive on the main comp, press CTRL and V, the CHOIR RECORDING and underlying folders are copied to your working drive

With your dongle on the main computer, run Cubase there and open the CHOIR RECORDING folder, your .cpr file should be in there, run it…and your set!


andyoc and split

You are Heroes!!!

I have done it and it works!
Cubase is a wonderful tool. I have been told for years to use it for recording. I have graduated from reel to reel, to digital Yamaha AW16G. For the price of a laptop what a difference! No more clumsy editing and menus to cope with. It’s so much easier with Cubase although I’m only scratching the surface.

Thank goodness for forums like this where kind people are willing to help out.

I’ve no idea where in the world you are - perhaps thousands of miles from the UK but if I could, I’d send you both HUGE boxes of chocolates.

Thanks again.

Zinger (Steve)

Well you could PM us and I for one will give you a postal address (Scotland) for my box of Chocolates :mrgreen:

Split, that’s not far away - I’m only 8 miles south of the border on the west side!

I’m guessing Carlisle?

Which would make you 72 miles away.

I that case you could be anywhere from Biggar to - well, lots of places which are 72 miles from Carlisle if you are right!

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And I’m not all that far away either…Dublin, Ireland

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We seem to have an international triangle!


I was following the above instructions, but can anyone shed any light on why some (only some) plugin settings would not be transferred. All the plugins in use are on both computers and all transfer with exactly the same settings except Fabfilter Pro Q, which shows up as missing.

Many thanks