Transfer iC Pro custom key commands from one ipad to another

Is it possible to transfer iC pro’s key commands from one iPad to another? I have a friend who I’m collaborating with and he’s given me all of his Cubase key commands, but I’d also like to use his iC pro’s key commands layout as well. We both own iC pro on separate itunes user accounts.

Is this possible?

Never mind - figured it out. Thanks!

Hi JT3Jon,

I also want to be able to share Key Commands/Macros.
How did you do it?


In itunes (with your ipad plugged in) you simply have to go to the apps tab in your iPad and scroll down to find the “file sharing” option for icPro. Click on iC pro and then load the file. Its pretty easy once you realize that you can scroll down to find more options (being on a laptop with a small screen I didn’t realize this was possible haha!)

Thanks a lot JT3Jon. Very Nice of you!


You are very welcome. Glad I could help, as lord knows I’ve received lots of help from these boards during my switch from Logic to Cubase. :slight_smile: (probably more in the future I would imagine, haha)