Transfer License to Software Control

How to Transfer eLicense not need for license key, on license Key, not erasable to Transfer to eSoftware Control?

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It is not possible to transfer a license from USB to Soft-eLicenser.

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What you’re saying this is LE version without dongle!?
I want to activate the original version of the Software-eLicense without the key, which eated the license!

I need the USB Free in my body, what you’re saying!?

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I’m confused.

Is your Cubase LE license previously activated/registered? If not, please explain where you are getting stuck.

If it has already been activated/registered, you need to do a reactivation through your MySteinberg account. This only applies to the Soft-eLicenser.

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I have Tried to delete on my profile, from the activated key, The license cannot be removed to reactivate on the software. It was to be easer to find if it was only checking.

Maybe I need to remove the key from the dongle!

Are you trying to do a reactivation? Here is the procedure:

DocThor4, I think you are brazilian, right? If you need some advice in portuguese just send me a PM.

This is not what works! This software came with no Dongle, it came bundle for computer hardware! I’ve just used it one dongle free I have and the key is stuck on it!

If you downloaded the license to or transferred the license to a USB-eLicenser there is no way to get it back to a Soft-eLicenser, as I already mentioned.

So, is the license on a USB-eLicenser?

The USB-eLicenser not for this version

Is the license now on a USB-eLicenser (hardware dongle)?

If you can’t answer a simple question, I (and anyone else) can’t provide for you a simple answer.

I have a feeling, however, that the answer has already been provided and you refuse to accept it.

You’re being rude, the answer has been responded.
It’s not correct! But it responded!

If your license was moved to the USB key, there is no way to move it back to your computer. You can only move it to another USB key (plugging both keys on the same computer).

Steinberg is working on a new license system, so in the future you will be able to move it to the new system (but it is not for now).

In portuguese:

Se você moveu a licença para a chave USB, não tem como fazer ela voltar para o computador (ativando a licença no seu HD). A partir de agora você só consegue mover a licença em uma chave USB para outra chave USB (plugando as duas no mesmo computador e movendo as licenças de uma para outra).

A Steinberg está trabalhando em um novo sistema de licenças, e no futuro você vai poder mover a licença de uma chave USB para o novo sistema, mas não é algo para um futuro imediato (ainda vai levar algum tempo).

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