Transfer License

Hello Steinberg Team,
I started with a Cubase AI7 then I upgraded to AI8 then I upgraded to Artist 8.5 which is my daily use. I know I can still use AI8, my question is:
I want to upgrade it to AI9 (an upgrade voucher is on my account) and transfer AI9 license to a friend, would you please help how can I do that?


If you really upgraded then the license should be replaced. You should be owner of one license only. So you should be able to sell/move it. Yes, you can run Cubase AI with your Cubase Artist license. But in your eLCC, there should be one license only. Actually when you upgraded from Cubase AI to Cubase Artist, you should move your AI license to the USB-eLicenser to be able to upgrade.

Are you sure, you really have Cubase AI license available?

If yes, please read this article.

You are right, it disappeared from my eLicenser.

However, what if I purchase AI9 upgrade would it be added as separate product to my products?


If you will purchase Cubase Artist upgrade from Cubase AI, then your Cubase AI license will be upgraded to (replaced by) the Cubase Artist. So your Cubase AI license “disappears”.