Transfer Logic9 sessions to Nuendo 5.5?

I am currently trying to export / import Logic sessions to Nuendo 5.5 for mixing as well as additional editing.

The easiest way would be a full bounce of all tracks in Logic, with events starting at zero. But I need to keep certain snippets and stuff.

We tried OMF and the fades were messed up completely.
In the end AAF worked the best but I still have a couple of issues:

Track order is completely messed up, I have to puzzle them manually after import.
Fades/X Fades are rendered to individual events and it seems that even with AAF there are a lot of errors.
Some other issues which I can not recall ITM.

So, are there any things to take care about?

Thanks a lot for help

Drop John Lundsten a PM, and ask him about this in AA Translator…
The speed those guys work at it may get implemented fast…

Does Logic Pro have Apple XML export options at all?

Logic Pro does have fcp xml I/O. Export is near useless, whole tracks are rendered as stereo or Mono AIFF’s depending how the track is set. Import is a little better, individual clips, so there are handles & fades which are pretty messed up.

OMF is pretty bad too. Certainly if I go via AATranslator there are less missing clips tracks & the fades / x-fades are better than just opening a Logic Pro v9 omf in Nu5.5. But Logic OMF is basic.

Open TL is the least bad. The Ex LP, TL file won’t open at all in my PC based Nu5.5. Which is no great surprise the media are sd2 format but the files retain the orig file extensions like Aif, wav, Caf.
Anyway AATranslator can understand these malformed sd2 files, and convert them to Wav during a conv. But again there just is not that much info in the TL export. btw Logic renders the fades as separate files.

I realy hate those fade-files… we had all kind of issues, even in logic itself because we transfered projects via fat32 external hds and for some reasons all x-files were popping or even have messed up audio - instead of the fade files some vocal tracks were played - sounded wired. Had to delete the fade folders as well as moving all fades (select all first) a little back and forth to get somewhat rid of those issues.

We ended up finaly to just export solid wave files… f*ck additional editing, I have less issues editing those bounced wave files instead of those messed up stuff containing all fade files as seperate events, even when the fade was only 10ms…

Brandy are you talking of TL in logic pro? As far as v9 goes I’ve only used HFS+ disks & had no problems. But for logic 5 on the PC, the TL is unreadable by Logic unless it’s on a Fat 32 disk (rather than NTFS that’s the windows norm). Again FWIW AATranslator can read these deviant Logic TL’s.

What I’ve only recently found is make a Ref OMF in LP9, the fades become embedded data, and if as was a case/test file I made the file was in CAF format. the omf ends up with embedded CAF fade files that are not readable by any program inc Logic it’s self.
I sure would like to be able to offer better conversions In/out of Logic but it is very had work. Must be the most illogical app ever.

It is. I am not able to do any serious work in it :slight_smile:

Well, I had to use Fat32 harddiscs because we had to transfer from mac to windows system - so NTFS formated drives are not possible because of the mac and hfs+ is not usable in windows.

There are apps on Mac to write to NTFS and MacDrive on PC will read/write to HFS+

Yeh understand.
I have a Mac & some PC’s all linked via LAN. Works well most of time, only issue can be missing Mac resource files from the Mac end, which is sorted by zipping /‘Compress’ then send via lan & unzip.
Actually Mac OS-X can read NTFS.

I hope it is ok to hijack my own topic :slight_smile:

But regarding Mac and Windwos computers linked via lan: IT is a huge pain over here. Since OSX10.7 it works at least ok, I can access my fileserver via the Mac etc, but I have those problems:

  • When accessing a big Network drive with a “transfer” folder which is containing thousands of files - a Win7 computer, even my small Netbook - displays everything from the first moment, the MacbookPro (latest) needs a couple of minutes till everything is displayed like it should…

  • When I drop a file into that folder from my Win7 DAW - all connected Win computers are updating immediatelly and I can access this file in a second, for example for web-transfer. But the Mac needs 5 or 10 minutes till that file shows up. This renders the Macbook quite useless for “internet and office” use over here…

Maybe some experts can help me here, I googled a lot and it seems this is a common problem, but ususlly I read that this is fixed with current OSX …?

Regarding the topic theme:
Well, it was the Mac from a client, so we just used that external HD - we stepped about that problem later. Funny thing is, that he had the same problem on his Mac as well, he later had to open older versions of his projects to get rid of that X-fade thing. Quite illogical. I would go mad if this happens in Nuendo :slight_smile:
Funny that latest Logic still has those shitty fade-files…


BTW:I just checked the AATranslator page. Cool! I will keep that in mind! Sounds very good to me. Fortunatelly most clients are working in Cubase OR I just recieve solid files and a midifile with the tempotrack.

Small update; the next vers of AATranslator will include reading AAF files.

AAF’s from every DAW/NLE seem to differ hideously (AAF is for sure a very limited, extraordinary verbose and downright bad format), but as far as AAF’s from Logic Pro v9 go, we can read their files slightly better than they can.

A few more tests to be sure, but looks like AAF maybe the best export format from LogicPro (ok the least bad, all Logic’s export formats are badly implemented.

John L, AAT, London

Hi John,

are there any technical reasons for your rant?
I mean, is the format that bad (due to limitations or unspecific/bad documentation) or are the implementations bad (like in Nuendo 5.5 where you can suddenly not open Avid files anymore that opened without problems in 5.1)



I have looked a little deeper into AAT now and I wonder how “well” it will translate PT7.x LE sessions into Cubase/Nuendo format. I will work on sessions coming from there later the summer and I need to check/fix the editing which is done in PT - easiest way would be to do this in PT and then consolidate / export /import - but I would hate to edit in PT, is there a way to transfer all the events, edits and stuff to Cubase/Nuendo?

AAF can do this but in the past it was not that safe, esp regarding x-fades and stuff… Is there a better way when using AAT?

Thanks a lot,

Hi Brandy by far the best way to convert PT7 to Nuendo/Cubase using AAT is export as native PTF from PT & convert to Stein XML (track archive).
OMF/AAF will by comparison be lacking Track names / Pan /Volume /solo /mute. PT layers, Markers, BPM, tempo based time, Fade data as against rendered clips. And there will be no Timeline pan or mute automation.