Transfer of licences to new computers

I work at a school in the UK and we are trying to upgrade our PCs but we need to transfer the licences to these new machines

We contacted Steinberg over a week ago with no response

Is there an easy way to do, what must be a common issue in organisations?

Hi and welcome,

Do you use Cubase Elements with Soft-eLicenser? If yes, you can do all the reactivation in the MySteinberg account from one computer.

If you are using USB-eLicenser, the license is stored on the USB-eLicenser. Just move them to the new computers.

Hi friends, I need help.
I have a Cubase 9 license.
I formatted my computer and now I can not reactivate this license. I’ve tried all reactivation procedures and I was not successful.
I click on reactivate I put the number of my license, I receive an activation code and at the moment of activating the product aparace a message saying: the activation code has already been used. An activation code can only be used once to download or update a license.
Can someone help me?


If you are using Cubase Artist or Pro with the USB-eLicenser, you don`t have to reactivate. The license is stored on the USB-eLicenser. Just plug in the USB-eLicenser with the license, and you can start your Cubase.

The same is true for other Cubase derivatives, if the license is stored on the USB-eLicenser.