transfering automation from SX1 to C5

Hi everyone,
Here is my situation:

I have a SX 1 song using Kontakt 3.
Kontakt is used with several outputs, upon wich automation and automated effects are used.
For instance you would have a piano that outs in 3-4 , wich 3-4 outputs has an automated send to a reverb, and an automated pan.

Now, I have to transfer the song to another system where I use cubase 5 and Kontakt 4 (not 3).
In order to make the transfer effective, I simply load Kontakt 4 in cubase5 and load the multi that Kontakt 3 used in Cubase SX1. Then, I manually reconnect midi tracks with Kontakt 4 and I route each instruments, manually, to the outputs I need.
But what about the automations on the outputs? Since the original plugin wasn’t present when I transefered the song, the output tracks couldn’t be created and there all the automation data is lost.

At first, I thought that I would reopen the SX1 sequence and copy each automation onto dummy audio tracks that would remain empty but would have the automation track I’ll need to re-automate the Kontakt 4 channels I was about to create.
But, it seems like , in SX1, on cannot copy an automation on another track than the one wich containes the copied automation.

WOuld you have an idea about what I could do? (using kontakt 3 in cubase 5 is not an option because I’m looking here for a durable solution, and one that avoid messing with my system too :wink:

Thanks for reading and good night.