transfering Cubase to new USB eLicenser will loose license for OMF and VST Transit?

Before updating to Cubase 11 I bought a brand new USB eLicenser to transfer all my licenses to (except Halion which I’m selling).
I have transfered all visible licenses inside eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) to my new USB eLicenser. Of course I have run Maintenance, Send eLicenser Information, etc.

After that I logged into my account on to delete my old USB eLicencer from my account. But now I see two warnings:

  1. VST Transit is somehow tied to this specific USB, but it does not show up as a licenses in eLCC. Why?

  2. It says there’s a license for OMF - but it does not show up in the eLCC. Why?

Why does it have these warnings and why isn’t these visible as licenses in eLCC?

Screenshots 1 shows my account on Steinberg:

Screenshots 2 shows my account inside eLCC where the old USB eLicenser is viewed (nothing about OMF or VST Transit here):

Not sure about VST Transit, bot OMF is very old and now obsolete. It was required for Cubase SX, I think, but OMF is now included with Cubase, so there is no separate license for it.

Thanks, yea I was thinking that. I wonder what the license for VST Transit is then. I didn’t buy it separately but I think I tried it once.