Transfering e license to new computer

I am running Cubase Elements 11 on my old computer, all the e-licences relating to Elements 11 are stored on e/licenser control app on that old computer. I have recently changed my computer and have also paid to upgrade to Cubase 12 Artist on the new computer. On my new computer, I have downloaded all the access codes to the Steinberg Activation manager and I have also downloaded the e/license control app successfully, The Activation manager gives me a e/licenser activation code but the e/licenser on the new computer does not recognize it. Can you please tell me how this can be resolved ?

The upgrade cannot proceed if there’s no existing license to upgrade.

Perform the reactivation process to move your old Soft-eLicenser license to your new computer.

Then your Cubase Elements 11 license can be upgraded.

Thanks for this advice .