Transfering elicencer dongle to second computers

I have cubase 12 installed on one pc using the elicencer dongle. I am having some issues with the pc so I want to put Cubase on another pc until the 1st pc is repared . Both computers are mine and in the same room and online. The info I am getting is that all I have to do is plug the elicencer dongle into the second pc. I have done this and the dongle elicencer app doesnt show up. The dongle is lit but I cant see anything that indicates that the dongle is even present. I have tried changing the usb socket but no change. I havent deactivated cubase from the 1st pc yet, could that be the issue. And do I also need to install the dowload assistant to the 2nd pc. I have searched for " Proceedure for installing cubase pro on a second pc" but there is no relevant info.

Cubase 12 uses the new Steinberg Licensing, rather than the elicenser.

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Cubase 12 does not use the USB dongle, but the new licensing system. If you use Cubase 11 or older, with the dongle, you just need to install the software (Cubase/dongle) on the second PC in order for you to use it there, that should be everything you need to do. With Cubase 12, just install on the new PC and activate that PC, no need to deactivate the first one (in any of the cases).

Ive always used the elicencer dongle upto c8. When I upgraded to C12 I found out about the download assistant and the new soft licence. I had many issues with the switch, some related, some not, and finally, for some reason only known to Stienberg, I have C12 elicenced from the dongle. There are some midi issues but I believe they are unrelated? So, now I am trying to use C12 on the 2nd pc but the dongle doesnt show up. Surely i should see some indication of its presence even if its to say it isnt valid.

But that is not possible. You need to launch the Activation Manager

from my screen shot It looks like the elicencer covers , like you said, upto C11. Under licencing based products, it shows C12. Unused on any pc. I have definately been using it, aparently without activation.
Shouldnt the dongle still show up on the 2nd pc?
C12 is an upgrade, will I need the dongle elicence for upto C11 and the soft licence for C12?

Please answer yes, or no.

Did you launch the Steinberg Activation Manager on your machine?

And don’t forget to activate the software in the manager or it won’t work!

Problem solved.
Iguess I was having issues with C12 because it was only partially activated via the dongle elicencer which activated only upto C11. I have now fully activated C12 via the soft elicencer on my 2nd PC.