Transfering license (selling)

I’m going to sell and transfer my Cubase pro license to another user.

I went in steps upgrading from Cubase LE, to Elements, to Artist, then finally to Pro.

My question is:
Which activation code or license key should I pass on to a new user? Just the one latest Cubase Pro I can see on MySteinberg?
What about the activation codes I got for each upgrade?

Thank you

Obviously the USB eLicenser that contains the Cubase Pro License.
There is a “Steinberg Software resale wizard” on the Steinberg site that explains the necessary steps, just as well as many threads on the Forums, where this Kind of Question gets answered regularly.

So yes you must sell the dongle, no other way!

Yes there is, if the buyer is just around the Corner, he can bring his own dongle and transfer the License.

Yeah the dongle will of course go along. Didn’t think it was needed to mention that :slight_smile:

What about:
Which activation code or license key should I pass on to a new user?
Just the one latest Cubase Pro I can see on MySteinberg?
What about the activation codes I got for each upgrade? Are they now obsolete and replaced by the latest and biggest (pro version)?

For an authoritative answer you should use the resale wizard, as mentioned above.

Well then nothing but the dongle is needed. You do have to transfer the dongle though.
Or and I am trying to be funny, but tru, he can send an empty dongle or you can buy one and you can transfer it to that dongle and then send it

The Dongle IS the license basically - most of those codes only apply before you activate, they mean nothing now - it’s the license on the dongle which is king.

You just need to make sure that the Dongle gets registered to the new user so if they get a problem they can get up and running on a second dongle via the zero downtime system (for example). Never resold but the resale wizard as already recommended should be your first stop.

Ok thank you. So is this understood right?:

  1. Delete registration of dongle on MySteinberg.
  2. Give dongle to buyer + link to Cubase installer download (+ maybe a dvd with it too)
  3. Not any key or code for him to type in? Is it done via activating/registering the dongle itself on his computer?

Yup - They just download the Cubase installer, and plug dongle into computer to use Cubase once it’s ready to run. No registering or activating steps needed.

One note however: You wouldn’t transfer registration of that Dongle from your name to them until they AFTER they have fully confirmed receipt of the stick and Cubase running, just incase you have any problems or it gets lost (i.e. if sent via courier). Guide is here:-

Remember that even if you hold registration of that dongle it will still work for them when it arrives and they can confirm all is working - and then you delete the dongle from your mysteinberg account and they can then setup ownership of it.

Who the dongle is registered to only comes into effect if the stick gets lost or damaged and the Cubase license is requested to be moved to a new Dongle - hence why it’s best that the buyer gains that control.

Would you secure the deal (money transfer) when Cubase is running (testing with the current license), or when the license has been transferred?
Maybe a classic/stupid question about trust…
I’m just used to not send/transfer anything before I have the money.
But the buyer probably want security before paying.

Personally, i’d ask them to pay up front, then you send the dongle, and they can confirm it’s running, once confirmed transfer ownership of the dongle to them (Release your end).

If you release registration of the dongle first and the dongle gets lost somehow, or they claim it doesn’t work when it arrives, then you’ve lost it - this protects them as much as you as you can recover to a new dongle if anything like that occurred.

Sorry to bump this, am considering selling my Absolute 3 licence, but want to keep my dongle because I want to keep my Cubase… do I still need to send a dongle?

Please find the answer here: Transfering license (selling) - #4 by svennilenni
or here:

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