transferring Cubase 8 to a MAC


I am setting up a new Apple Mini Mac 1tb PC after being on Windows 7 for years.

I am installed Cubase 8 Pro on the new MAC and need some advice for moving my sound tracks from Windows 7 to the new MAC system. I am aware that Cubase stores sound clips in the ‘pool’ and the VSTs in various directories.

My intention is to run my sound tracks and VST’s from a USB 3 Samsung 2tb External hard disc via a RME BabyFace external sound card.

Any advice on how to move all my sound files and VST clips over to the new MAC system so that the new Cubase 8 Pro installation can find all the files ok? What kind of file system should I set up? Will the MAC Cubase installation allow me to find all the tracks and VSTs on my external drive?


Probably not what you want to hear, but I would clean install everything.

I think you are right about the VST’s and will reinstall them.

But what about my song tracks? I know there is the main cpr file, but there are a pile of sound clips and takes which exist in the ‘pool’ somewhere? How can I move all the song tracks and associated clips to the new computer and be able to read them in the mac Cubase installation without having to go hunting for ‘missing files’ etc.

Thanks for stepping in and helping. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.


Although I am on PC I can’t imagine it to be different on a Mac. Just move all of your Projects onto the Mac HD (or where ever you want to store them) and once you have cleanly installed all software just open Cubase and find your projects that you have saved. They should just open!

I have 1 x Hard Drive (HD) for my Programs. I have a separate HD for recording onto (where the Cpr, Audio Files, Midi Files etc are stored). I have a 3rd HD for Sample Libraries (I actually have more than 1 but its irrelevant).

I have changed my Program (C:) HD many times through upgrades and because everything I have recorded is on a separate HD all I have to do is install an Operating System, update it and then install all of my Music software. Once Cubase has been installed I then look for my Project files on the separate HD and voila, they load. If you get any problems with missing files then you will have to look in the right folders. Kontakt Libraries can do this but batch resaving them work like a charm.

On another note, when I finish writing a song, I generally create a Back up Version (File> Back Up Project). It will ask me to save project in a Folder of my Choice. I then get many options like getting rid of unused Media from the Pool etc and to rename Project name if I want.

I do this to make sure that all files are consolidated into the one Project folder and nothing is lost. Its very easy to, say for example, use an Audio file that has been temporarily dumped on the Windows Desktop and not actually been copied into the Project Audio Folder and when you move projects you all of a sudden are missing that file as you forgot to move it in the right place etc.


That’s very helpful - I will give it a go. I think one little problem is that I have 3 hard discs on my windows PC, with projects on one and, as far as I know, cubase pool files on another, and samples on another. On my Mini Mac pc (which has just 1tb internally) I have fitted one USB 3 4tb external hard disc, which will contain all my songs, pool clips etc.

I guess I am wondering whether Cubase tracks will be ‘looking’ for a separate hard disc but won’t find it, because all the files have been consolidated onto one external hard disc.

Anyway, as you say, the best thing to do will be to try it out and see what happens!

thanks for your help


If you use Back Up Project and then move them all to where you want to move them, Cubase won’t be looking for Missing Files. That’s the entire point of the Backup Project feature! Try it out on one Project and load it up on the Mac! If it works, do it to every other Project!


Ah I see… good idea. That would be a good way forward, then everything will be in one place, I suspect, over the years, I have done some weird choices (as one does sometimes) and put the clips in odd places … trouble is, I have around 200 songs from a number of CDs I have made - but I guess it is worth doing them one at a time, just to be sure. Ideally, I want to decommision my Windows music PC asap.

I’ll give this a go. Thanks again for supporting me on this, all very helpful.


There’s no need to bother with the Project Back-up, unless you want to remove all audio files are not used in the project. Note that you may loose any alternative takes, etc. that is not “linked” to a part.

The easiest way is to simple move the Project folder, not just the project (.cpr) file, to the new location. Then just open the project, from the new location, as usual.

If this is true, you’re asking for trouble. All audio files (what I guess you call “Pool files”) should reside in the Audio folder in the Project folder. You should never separate the Project (.cpr) file from the Audio folder!!! At least not, unless you are 110% sure of what you’re doing.

The project folder must include at least two items: The Project .cpr file and an Audio folder. It may also contain other folders such as Freeze (where the audio files for “Froozen” Tracks/Channels reside), Images (where the graphics files waveforms that you see in the Project window are kept), Edit (where audio files for any edits such as crossfades, etc, are kept and some others. Cubase can usually recreate these if they should go missing. As a matter of fact, I always leave the “Images” folder out when I back up my projects. That way I am sure that I have freshly generated waveform display, should I need to use the back-up.

Yes, hence why I have suggested using Backup Project feature so all files for each Project are absolutely in the newly created folders.

To each their own.

I am just about to move to a new PC. I have kept all my projects in named folders. However it is not always straightforward and I use the Archive Project in the Media Tab on the menu bar. This will bring all the audio used in your project into the project folder. You can the simply more the projct folder. This will only work for you if you know which folders are which. Otherwise I would echo the advice to create a backup project with the correct name… Create backup is under the File tab. It would probably be a good idea to backup onto an external hard drive that you are having to use with or transfer to your new computer.