Transferring Cubase preferences to a new Mac?

Hi Guys,

I am taking the plunge and starting from a clean slate with a new Mac - I was tempted to take the easy way and just migrate the whole hard drive, but it has so much old junk on it (demos of software, etc et) that I want to just start again and re-install everything, and then transfer my music files over.

That said, I wouldn’t mind keeping my existing Cubase prefs, and was wondering what prefs file I should copy from old Mac to new, and where it would be found.

Is there any risk in doing this - and am I better to just make a note or take screen shots of all my preferences in Cubase and enter them again on the new install?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!


Aloha y,

with a new Mac

and congrats!

I would first try just moving the preference files from the old 'puter
to the new one.

Your sig did not say but I guess you are using 10.8.xx ‘Mountain Lion’.

If so, you need to get into your user ‘Preference Folder’ which is
in the ‘Library’ folder which is now hidden in OS 10.8.xx.

To see/access it:
while in the Finder
1-Go to the ‘Go’ menu in the menu bar.

2-While that ‘dropdown’ is active, press the ‘option’ key and
the ‘Library’ entry will magically appear between the
Home’ and the ‘Computer’ entries.

3-Select Library and go into the ‘Preference’ folder.
In there you will find your Cubase 7 folder.

4-Option-drag it to the desktop to make a copy.


in the Library there is a folder called:
‘Application Support’
In that folder there is a folder called: ‘Steinberg’
Make a copy of it to the desktop.

When you installed Cubase 7 on your new ax,
put these folders in the appropriate places
(you will have to replace the generic ones that
are already there) and ‘bob’s yer uncle’.

HTH (hope this helps)

Thanks HEAPS for this detailed reply! Really appreciate it.

I was on the right track, but will go through these steps tonight and hopefully bob will indeed be my uncle!


THANKS for the tip to find the hidden Library folder - I was wondering where that went…