Transferring Cubase to new PC

Hi All

I’ve taken delivery of my new DAW PC (thanks to all of you who helped me make the right choices on components) - and I now need to go through the wonderous process of building out the software requirements.

I’ve been updating Cubase pro since 7 (I think) and even that was a digital download which I’m pretty certain I didn’t keep the original exe file for. Can anyone recommend the best way to install cubase on the new PC please? I have lousy broadband so if I can get away without needing to download again that would be great but not a show stopper -

thanks v much - Jon

I have really lousy broadband also as I live on a small gale lashed rock out in the North Altlantic where we consider ourselves lucky if the electricity even stays on for the whole of any 24 hour period (true). Last month I moved over to a new machine. Like you, Cubase on the previous machine had been installed at C7 and then updated incrementaly to C10 making for a somewhat convoluted structure on my C drive. Using the Steinberg Download Assistant to download fresh versions of C10.5, Wavelab and various other Steinberg Instruments etc. wasn’t at all onerous and the clean fresh install is a thing of wonder. Everything in it’s proper place! I did baulk at re-downloading some of my sample based instrument such as Kontakt stuff + Superior Drummer though - Just downloaded latest versions of their front ends and copied the actual libraries over using a usb drive. Actually, the most time consuming part of the move was checking that all my old projects were properly archived and backed up prior to copying them over. (Even though I do pretty regular backups anyway, of course!

You only need the installer for the latest version but to be sure you have everything this is really best done with the FULL installer not an update.

Did you download the full installer for the latest version you have? If so then just copy this using a USB drive.
If not I really think you’ll do better to download the full installer now than try and find the bits and pieces and copy them across.

Thanks that’s helpful - have started the full download with the assistant - will probably take 24 hours to download (or more) but at least it can be paused or will pick up if my connection drops out. Good tip on superior too - thanks

Good shout - thank you