Transferring eLicenser and licenses to different account

Hi folks,

How is it possible to transfer eLicenser dongles and their associated licenses to a different Steinberg account?

We have multiple eLicenser dongles (we’re a company with multiple users) along with multiple Steinberg licenses spread out over those dongles, and all of the dongles are registered to different Steinberg accounts. What i want to do is to consolidate all of the dongles and software licenses to one main account, making it a lot simpler to administer the licences to individual users. When the software was originally purchased (4 x Wavelab, 2 X Cubase) the individual employees that received licenses were instructed to set up their own individual accounts on, and unfortunately we no longer have access to those accounts as the employees have since moved on. Is there a way i can retrieve the licenses from those “old” accounts and transfer them to a main company account? As mentioned previously i no longer have access to the account details.
I am able to transfer licenses from eLicenser to eLicenser, by dragging and dropping from with eLincence Control Centre, but that doesn’t actually transfer the ownership of the software/eLicenser dongle within My Steinberg. Ultimatelly i would like to be able to log in to one account in My Steinberg and see all of these dongles/licenses in one place.

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I think you’re best off asking this question to Steinberg support, I don’t think you can do this yourself.

tricky one . if you have proof of purchase then there might be a chance but otherwise I wouldn’t get your hopes up unless you can contact the ex employee’s for their passwords .
I wish I had worked for you and just walked away with £1000’s worth of licences because theoretically they own the licence :wink:

Damn, I had a feeling this might be the case. Thanks for the replies anyway, I’ll contact Steinberg support and see if they can help me out.

Just to follow up, so i contacted Steinberg support, and they transferred all of the licenses for me within the hour. Very impressed with their support.

Nice :slight_smile:

well done :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, we try to do our very best. :slight_smile: