Transferring files from IPAD to IMAC

I’ve been using Dorico for IPAD for several months but have now set up an iMAC for composing with Dorico also, originally so I could embed NotePerformer and get better playback. Right now, I have the trial versions of Dorico and NotePerformer on the iMAC. Anyway, when I transfer my IPAD Dorico files to the IMac (uploading to Dropbox and retrieving them from there), I lose the dynamics markings in the Dorico Write pages. Oddly, the time signatures and tempo changes remain. Anyone else having this issue?

Do you mean they just aren’t there at all? Can you supply a sample file for us to look at?

I think I can do that. I’ll have to send you the files separately. Should I send here or do you want to send me an email address to use?

You should be able to post something here, but just make sure it’s nothing that you don’t want the internet to have! :laughing:

Keep in mind please that I have a trial version of the software on the iMac, but here is a file from the IPAD that I upload to Dropbox and then retrieve in the iMac version of Dorico. I convert them to MIDI before I transfer to the iMac because that’s what is required to hear playback in NotePerformer

And here is the Dorico file…
Adagio for Viola - Piano.dorico (864.8 KB)

I don’t understand this. You don’t need to create a MIDI file to use Noteperformer in Dorico on the desktop. Just open a .dorico project file on your desktop computer and select the Noteperformer Playback Template.

I was able to open your file, and apply the Noteperformer Playback Template. Which dynamics are missing from this file?

Aha - problem solved! I got bad intel from someone on using NotePerformer. I just transferred a Dorico file from iPad to iMac via Dropbox and all the markings were in the pages. I guess what was happening before was the iMac Dorico was translating the notes from the Midi file? Anyway, I’m whole again, for now!

Yes, if you just import a MIDI file, it won’t have notated dynamics.