Transferring licences between dongles

Hey, guys.

I’m running Cubase 7.0x and tonight installed Wavelabs 8.5, my first version of that product. It ships with its own usb dongle and works fine with it.

That said, I may be misunderstanding how to transfer licensces. I now have two dongles, one for Cubase and one for Wavelabs. My desire is to consolidate them both onto one dongle. What I thought I read was that you simply plug both into the computer, start the eLicenser, and then drag and drop. However, that’s not working as I would expect. There are two problems.

First, if I have both the Cubase and the Wavelabs dongles plugged in, Wavelabs doesn’t recognize the license and won’t start. If I unplug the Cubase dongle, Wavelabs starts just fine. Cubase, on the other hand, doesn’t mind them both being plugged in and comes right up. Strange.

More to the point, when I bring up the eLicenser with both dongles plugged in, it only sees the Cubase one. Consequently, I don’t know how to go about the drag and drop that people have mentioned.

Could someone point me in the right direction on how to get the licenses onto a single dongle? I’m sure it’s simple and I’m just overlooking something basic.


And have you actually downloaded the wavelab license already at all, or are you maybe running it from the “24 h all software” generic license?

Hi ChrisDuncan,

please connect your second USB-eLicenser to a different USB-Port. It sounds like it is not being recognized at all by that computer.



Appreciate you responding so quickly. That did the trick, and I’ve made a mental note of the usb port that was unresponsive. Drag and drop licence transfer was quick and easy, and both applications start just fine on the single dongle.

Thanks, man!

Now that’s good support, makes me want to go out and buy MOE Steinberg products :wink:

So now you have TWO dongles, I don’t suppose the other one is ‘currently’ useful anymore, or that you can have both licenses on both dongles for a ‘ready’ back up, or want to use on two machines simultaneously networked or in sync… that is unless you buy two licenses for each software I imagine :bulb:

The license can only live on one dongle at a time, otherwise it would be easy to pirate. It is useful having a spare dongle, though, since as many before me have pointed out, it’s a very cheap and flimsy plastic that can easily break.

As for support (as well as the forums), yes, it’s consistently excellent. I now own wave labs, cubase, a couple of ur22s and a ur44, and a collection of the cmc controllers. I’ve been through tons of hardware and software over the years, and thus far this is best of breed.

Sorry, I overlooked your reply this morning (not enough coffee!). :slight_smile:

I had typed in the activation code and was thus running from the full product license rather than the temp one.

Even though the problem was resolved by Luis suggesting the port change, I just wanted to say thanks for pitching in to help. Always appreciated.

I figured as much Chris, at least you have a spare. And being such an important flimsy piece of plastic, I’d think about a USB pigtail and insert it into a small cradle, then strap that securely onto my machines case. I’ve seen several solutions by searching Google images :wink:

I was thinking of encasing it in carbonite…