Transferring licences help

Ok heres the plot! I now have cubase 7. I have various versions including 4,5, and 6 stuck on a shelf gathering dust. Is it possible for me to sell or transfer theses versions onto new owners? I see on my E licence that I now have only one serial number and thats for my version 7 but this also works for 4,5 and 6. would the licences that came with the older versions still work?
Any help would be most appreciated

I now have a licence for C7 that originally started as a 6, religiously upgraded ever since, but is now superfluous to requirements, as we decided in the end that my wife – the singer-songwriter in the house – really didn’t need it on her computer. So I would like to be able to sell it.

So Steinberg, I thought we used to be able to transfer licences a few years ago, but I couldn’t seem to find out where when I recently looked. Is it still possible.

I go way back to the days of atari when a global cut took 50 seconds lol Actually I have more or less the same question. There was according to one forum a resale wizard on the steinberg site but I cant see it-I may give them a ring.


please see:

If you have specific questions about your case, please contact Support.

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Many thanks Fabio. My only concern is its says to delete the serial number Im transferring? But the only serial number on my dongle is for cubase 7.

Just spoke to phone support and I cant transfer previous versions without transferring cubase 7 licence so if theres any onr out there looking to do the same thing its simply not possible to transfer previous versions-bit of a bummer if you ask me!

It is possible, if you have full versions - for obvious reasons it is not possible with updates, which is what you have bought…

Yep I see that now :smiley: