Transferring Mixer Settings from One Version to another

Does anyone know how to transfer all the mixer settings from one mix to another?
I know the manual is typically obtuse on this and there is some online tutorials, however on my Cubase 11 Pro the function menu only seems to like me selecting one channel and allowing me to save it. When I try to select all channels this functionality disappears?

Anyone help with this , I need to update some mixes with new level and balance settings and can’t find a way.


Use the Import from Project function, please.

Or use Save As… to create an alternate version of the Project and use that for the 2nd mix.

Thanks folks , but I’m not sure that’s what I wanted. So I want to import the whole mixer settings from one version of a song to another version ie use an different mix. Is this even possible ?

Thanks , will this overwrite the current mixer channel settings? Which is what I want (ie updated levels and eq settings )

OK, got it. I thought you wanted to move the mix’s Automation.

You can Copy & Paste Channel Settings on a Channel by Channel basis, but there isn’t a way I know to copy a whole Project’s worth.

Thanks Raino, but not really what I was after. Can’t believe this is not possible on a Pro DAW like this. I’m versioning for Library Albums and making small retrospective mix changes across all versions is a nighmare! lol

Is there a reason you need two separate projects? Otherwise is sounds like MixConsole Snapshots might be an option.

Thanks Mlindeb, Yes I’m retrospectively tweaking versions of a main mix i.e doing an instrumental, 60 second and 30 second version and want to apply the same mixer state for the new main mix to all the other versions. Sanpshots don’t seem to be transferrable across arrangements.

If you could set it up so all the variants are contained within a single Project then they could all share share the same MixConsole Routing and Settings. I realize this is likely easier said than done.