transferring old cubase synths to cubase artist 7.5

Hi All,

I did a search on this and found nothing so I’m starting a new topic/question. I have Cubase artist 7.5 on a iMac running 10.9.2. I really like the old A-1 synth on Cubase SL. Is it possible to transfer any of the old cubase VST synths to new versions of Cubase? I still have the old Cubase on my old G4 mac, so getting the files/synths shouldn’t be a problem (though I can’t seem to find any vst synth files on either version).


Give it a try, should work. Just file copy the .dll into the vst folder.

Timjg is working on a DLL - free platform named Mac OS X like me :slight_smile:

So … you will get one big problem: some of the old synths contain PPC code and therefor need Rosetta (run PPC binarys on INTEL cpu) … and the Rosetta support was removed beginning with 10.7. No workaround for that. No way.

Thanks for the info, guys. I’ll give it a try in case the A-1 doesn’t use DLL. But I can’t find the actual synths in either the old version or the new, so I don’t know where to get it on the G4 or where I’d put it on my current computer.

Tacman7, which VST folder would I put it in?

And anyone know where to find the actual synths on a G4? I know where the banks of sounds are but not where the actual synth is.

Thanks again!

I put everything in the Steinberg/VSTplugins folder when I’m installing programs.

But doesn’t matter where you put it, just so it’s someplace you know, then add the path to plug in information on the device menu. (I think it is)

Cool. Thanks, I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Still can’t find the synths on my HD that came with Cubase SL. Anybody know where to find those on a Mac G4?