Transferring samples to my sampler via MIDI?

If Midi Quest only had these in their library, then i could access them through the VST inferface! Sounddiver on the other hand supports these models of course, but is NOT available as an VST plugin. Its a give and take then i guess?


Yep, it’s a give and take. But a little discipline and the notepad per track in cubase helps :wink:
Cheers and good luck,
Btw. are you familiar with the spaghetti syndrome? aka cable tangle :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

chicken systems translator will copy wav, kontakt , exs24 , and a heap of other sample files to akai , emu and roland … you do need a SCSi interface to transfer them via mesa for akai (akai’s smdi is flakey to say the least) or soundforge for all others… smdi on e-mu works alot better …

there is an obscure command line app that does write akai pgms to floppy on your pc called akaidisk if you can find it

yeh, ive heard about this chicken translator program. But its a standalone, isnt it? The problem i guess is NOT that i cant transfer samples to my sampler, i can always use a floppy for that, the thing is that i want to be able to do it from within Cubase! Lets say i find a good kick for my setup, then i just want to press a button, and transfer it to one of my samplers! And as i previously said, no sample player i ever tried can match the sound of REAL hardware. Sure, Kontakt/Bttery gets a lot of love, but Sampleplayer 3.52 sounds much “better” for some reason! They all sounds different actually. So chose your sample player wisely! :slight_smile: But no one can match the “sound” of my hardware samplers, thats asking for too much i guess!