Transferring samples to my sampler via MIDI?


Well, as the topic says, is this even possible? I have Midi Quest, but they dont have any samplers
unfortunately :frowning:

Many thanks for any advice here!!


You cant transfer sound files via MIDI!

Well, it was a long shot :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info!!


just for reference split , you use to be able to with an atari and a korg dsm1 sampler ,it took for ever to up load a sample but it was possible ,have never come across any program on the pc to do it so now the dsm1 is mainly redundent as it’s OS is a pain in the but .


Thanks for that, I do have a vague memory of doing that with an S760 (I think) many moons ago???

Good old MIDI Sample Dump:

Thats the one :stuck_out_tongue: OK I’ll change my statement, Yes you can transfer Audio via MIDI if your devices support MIDI sample Dump (which probably disappeared decades ago :laughing: ) and took an eternity to transfer several hundred kilobytes.

Thanks Jarno for the memory :stuck_out_tongue:

well found jarno and i also seem to remember mesa 2 for the akai samplers doing it via scsi as used with my old s2000

edit , yes mesa had the option to import samples via scsi and midi so depending on what sampler and OS you are using it’s possble :wink:

Thanks for all the replies! Well, i thought ive read it somewhere that it was possible…

But, can i do this from WITHIN Cubase 6? That would really be cool! Like i said, Midi Quest doesn’t support ANY samplers :frowning: Otherwise that would work as its available as an VST.

So, any ideas here?


Don’t thank us. We went completely off-topic by talking about how the things were back in 1980’s. I don’t think MIDI Sample Dump is an option nowadays anymore.

But it would help, if you:
a. told us which sampler (brand, model) do you have?
b. why do you want to transfer samples via MIDI? Don’t you have better options?

i have an AKAI S1100 and an E-mu ESI 4000!

Nah, i don’t have any SCSI-devices :frowning: So i thought that this “might” be an option.


get a cheap scsi card! (and cable)

Even with a SCSI interface you would need software to extract the samples from the samplers. But the S1100 has digital I/O. So why not sample the sampler?
Edit: Thought I should provide at least some usefull info. I still have an older XP PC with an Adaptec AHA-2940U SCSI card. Daisychained to the card I got some Roland S series sampler, a SCSI disk, a CD ROM and a ZIP drive. To extract samples I use a software called Translator (Chicken System). But 99% of the times I record the samplers directly into Cubase.

Didn’t Wavelab support scsi to/from akai and other samplers at some point?

And this is the software you need to hook up the s1100 ,

Mesa is an editing comunication tool between the computer and the “s” series akai samplers , it works a treat i used it for years, or the other program that allows you to transmit samples including the emu is recycle 2.1 and you can transfer the samples all as one or split them and they will be automatically arrange on your keyboard to play !

Getting a scsi card and cable is your best option !

Can I use this to download the samples from my old S900’s disks to my PC?

im not to sure jarno i think it was designed for the s1000 onwards but as it’s free it’s worth a try !

good luck and hope it works ( all this talk is making me feel like getting my old s2000 out again )

BTW it was recycle 1.7 which transmitted the audio via midi and scsi and was then removed in the later versions .


I’ve successfully used tranlator to convert Roland and AKAI sampling CD’s to wav files on my PC. Should also work for EMU.

Man, thanks for all the replies!! Great!!

I have a dream of a workflow though, that if its possible would mean the world!

I want to be able to, for example, select a kick drum within Cubase, and then transfer it to one of my samplers. As they DO sound much better than any sample player I’ve tried so far!

Don’t know if this is even remotely possible? :slight_smile:

I dont want to fiddle selecting the kick drum on one of the samplers, as i have my BIG library of kicks on my harddrive. And as i said, I dont even have a SCSI CDROM, nor a SCSI harddrive :frowning:

I DO however have a few SCSI-cards for my PC. But MESA is not VST or? And Recycle i know is not VST :frowning:

Maybe a “Device Panel” would work? Kind of doubt that there are any for these samplers though :frowning:

Any ideas?


Unfortunately no. Cubase does not support sending sounds to external samplers (Btw all these samplers use their own proprietary way of storing information and it’s not only the wav files. Think about all the other parameters like ADSR, LFO settings, etc.).
But you could simply sample the wav files in your sampler? It just needs some tweaking on the sampler side.

If anybody out there has a solution, please let us know.