Transferring USB elicenser content to soft elicenser?

Hey guys I’ve been routing around and maybe I’m missing some info that’s already out there, but I see Cubase 7 now has support for a software version of the elicenser, and I’m wondering if I’d be able to have it so I can get my Cubase license over to the soft-elicenser from the USB key, or have it on both? I’ve had the USB key since 2007ish with Cubase 4 and since Cubase 7 I can’t fathom ever going away from Steinberg products, but my key is starting to look a little old and I’d like to be able to be without downtime if something happens and I feel safer knowing I also have the software option as I’m always connected to the net anyways. Thanks guys!

No, it don’ think it does - where do you see that…?
Apart from that you can transfer from soft- to USB-liceneser, but not the other way round.

Ah I guess your right. The old version explicitly said it was required so I assumed 7 was just more up with the times. So what’s the proper course of action then? Just make sure the key has a number registered to it and request a new dongle once this one breaks?

Thers a dedicated knowledge base article about just that.