Transform in SL7 Pro vs Elements


I have been using the SL7 Pro Trial for some days and have a question about the Transform functionality.
From the comparison chart it looks like there is no transform functionality in Elements, only in Pro. But in the Operation Manual the Transform Tool chapter has no “Pro only” label, while the Transforming content chapter has. So it looks like there is some kind of transform support also in Elements. What is the difference between these two types of transform tools? Typical use cases?

Both features the Transform tool, the first tool at the top left of the UI.
This tool allows you to transform selections dynamically in the spectrogram using the mouse.

What Pro has and Element hasn’t, is Edit > Transform… which shows a dialog with a couple additional options, and performing transforms with numeric values.

Thanks Robin.
I checked it out in the SL7 trial and in the manual. However it’s still not clear to me what will disappear if I opt for Elements instead of Pro.
The Edit > Transform dialog has

  • Time Shifting,
  • Frequency Shifting,
  • Time Stretching,
  • Pitch Shifting

…all with numerical entries.

But if I click the Transform tool I also get all of these, except the frequency shift, at the top of the GUI (right below the menu items of the SL7 main window), including numerical entries. Or will these numerical entry fields disappear if I have a Elements license and then only be available as “free-hand” mouse actions? But as I understand the manual they will be available also for Elements.

Hmm, easiest way to compare Elements and Pro would be to be able to switch between versions but I guess that is not possible.

Correct - right now. However more options are being added to Edit > Transforms and will be featured in the next patch coming this month.

If you have two trial licenses (Pro + Elements) you can switch between the two by calling SpectraLayers with an extra command line: -edition slp to launch the Pro version or -edition sle to launch the Elements version.

Thanks for the information about the command line switch. I was able to start both versions side by side (there is only a Pro trial license but Elements works with that too).
While looking through the differences between Pro and Elements I noticed that Elements, while it do have the possibility to set time and spectral markers and regions, does not have the Markers Management functionality under the Project menu. Is that the intended behavior? I ask because there is no “Pro only” tag for that management in the manual and while there is a way to jump between time markers without the markers management I cannot find any way to jump between spectral markers without the management functionality.

Indeed, markers management should be featured in Elements, it will be added back with patch 2; however you can jump between time markers using Transport > Previous/Next Time Marker.
NB: This command does not jump between spectral markers, but starting with patch 2 Transport > Previous/Next Time Event will jump between spectral markers as well.