Transform note to CC - Input Transformer - Activate VEPro track

Hi Guys !
I need some help, after trying around things all day long.

I run Cubase pro 9 with VEPro 6. Since my mac pro can’t handle the CPU usage of all my VEPro instruments, even when not playing (I mean, it can, but 50% of CPU Usage without playing a note is a shame), I created an automation mapping in VEPro, to activate/disactivate a track via CC125, toggled via my IPad with lemur.
It works, but since the decouple option off doesn’t store the "activated/disactivated’ information in the cubase session info when saved, I have some issues when switching between sessions (some tracks used are disactivated and I have to manually search for thoses), I have to save a separate VEPro file for each cubase session and have to load them when changing the project i’m working on (In other words, i loose all the benefits of VEPro).

Anyway, I may have found a solution to fix that:
=> have a small C-2 note at the beginning of every track used in my sessions
=> Find a way to tell cubase to transform that C-2 into CC125, so VEPro recognizes it as “enable the track”.

In this case I would just have to play the project one time to enable all tracks used in this particular project.

I’m just a bit lost between the Input Transformer (global, local) and the Tranformer in MIDI Inserts or MIDI Send.
I tried with the midi insert “note to CC”, it works but with all the notes (so VEPro receives the “enable message” all the time), so it’s not a good solution since I can’t filter it with C-2 only.

Can someone help me, please ???

Thanks guys !

EDIT : I managed to find a solution, but I keep this thread alive so it can help other people !

What I did :
=> Created a small midi event without any note, displayed CC125 at the bottom (instead of velocity). So I don’t need to convert a note to CC125 anymore (i feel bad for not thinking about this earlier…)
=> Since all my VEPro cells are set to be enabled/disabled everytime I press the button on my ipad that sends CC125, I discover that sending CC125 thru my small midi event with a velocity of 0 actually enables the cell, and 127 velocity disables it !

Yeah a lot of magic in it but if it works, it works !

Have a nice day