Transform Poly to Channel After Touch

Hi All,
Took delivery on a Hydrasynth desktop. Many if not all of its factory patches make use of poly after touch which is integral to the patch’s sound. Unfortunately I don’t have a poly after touch controller. The synth’s pads are poly so I can tell what’s happening. I can edit any patch’s mod matrix and change any poly after touch mod sources to channel but this is very tedious.

So here is the question: Can I convert poly to channel after touch using a midi transformer?

I can see that my transform is working using the midi monitor. That is, after touch is in fact converted to poly. However the Hydrasynth can’t see it. I’ve tried using the squiggly line in the upper right of the inspector as well as a midi insert and a midi send. Nothing seems to work.

Does anyone have a solution for this issue?

Thanks for your help


Use the Input Transformer, please. Make sure the Module is enabled.

Could you attach the screenshot of the Input Transformer, please?