Transform viola key to violin key

Hi all !! I want to record a string quartett score in midi. Is there a way to transform for example the viola key to violin key, while playing ? I thougt about a tuning table, as you need to transpose every halftone step to a different result. For a major scale you would have to pitch down the first two notes by 10 Semitones, while the 3rd and 4th have to go 11 Semitones down, the rest stays on -10. I hope this is understandable:-) As a piano player i´m really in trouble reading viola key or brass keys and transposing in realtime… Thanks in advance for helpfull comments

Sure- you mean you want to read the alto clef as if it were treble, but have the pitches play correctly for alto?

You would use the Input Transformer - set your desired transposition and play away.

Hey Steve, exactly. Can you give me a clue about the synthax I have to use for it ? I tried to program something like this in the transformer plugin, but that´s rocket science to me. Thank you !

Input Transformer- not the Transformer midi plugin.

(ignore preset name)

Perfect. I try that, thank you very much. Cheers :smiley: