Transformer Question / Midi fx

Hello… just a little background.
I’m using Cubase Elements 5

Basically I would like to automate a vsti parameter using midi notes inside a midi clip, instead of using automation lanes… This midi automation track would get routed to the vsti, and the actual melody notes would be on a different midi track. For example I would like to use the midi notes to automate cc#20 for the vsti.

I’ve looked at the transformer midi fx plugin and have tried using the different formulas with it, but it never seems to work. When I look at my vsti I can tell it’s getting the midi information, but it’s not affecting the designated CC number…

It looks like other versions of cubase have something called input transformer which might be what I need, but I just wanted to see if it is possible with what I already have.

I do not want to have to use midi yoke or something like that as its buggy on my system, and I’ve already tried it.

Which VSTi are you trying to automate? From what I understand, some are not engineered to accept controller data. (ie HalionOne)

Thanks for the reply… yes I’m trying to automate Massive’s Macro1 controller, and I have that linked to the lfo inside massive. I have Macro 1 connected to cc#20, and so I’m trying to send midi notes from a second track to automate the movements of Macro 1.