Transforming MIDI input: advice & feature request


I’m trying to use a single 4-knob MIDI device to control different instruments on my template. Some are VSL, others are LASS, others different still. I’d like to have each physical knob correspond to the same function in all of the instruments (e.g. dynamics, expression…), even if the different instruments use different MIDI CC for that function.

An example: by default, LASS varies note dynamics using CC1. For the same function, VSL uses CC2. I would like to keep the default behavior but transform the MIDI messages instead.

I’ve been using presets on my MIDI controller to change from one CC setup to another but in the heat of work I sometimes forget switching between them, the results being sometimes funny and often less so.

I can get the Input Transformer to do that (transform for example whatever Knob 1 is sending to CC1 for LASS and CC2 for VSL), but the the GUI window can only save a preset separately for each of the four available modules. So if I have 30 tracks, I have to load the preset four times on every one of them. I can’t find an option to save the entire Input Transformer as one single preset (that is the feature request).

Is there another, easier way to do this? The MIDI Insert FX method isn’t much help, since I can’t copy the entire insert chain from track to track either.

Thanks for your help.


Maybye I’m wrong, but I think, you can choose your own CCs setup in the VSL. So you can set CC1 for varies note dynamics. Don’t you?

My recommendation is: use Teplates for your projects. You can save all you need in to this Template. :wink:

You’re not wrong, but like I wrote I’d prefer not changing the default CCs for each library: VSL instruments and matrices still use CC1 (for entirely different things), and changing stuff on the VSL side will grow complicated very quickly.

IMHO, when clicking on the Input Transformer button (on the track inspector), instead of Local/Global, there should really be a list of presets (combinations of four modules), quickly applicable to each track within a template.