Transient to grid - is this possible ?


Today I’v setting tune to project tempo. I’v insert wave file and found tempo (tapping). Then start to synchronise song with metronom (moving clip to synchronise to beats). I saw that Cubase 7.5 recognise transients. It would be great to grab clip and move it by tansient to grid. For example Cubase detect kick transient. Grab clip and move to grid by transien of that kick.

Or maybe its already possible ?

What do you think ?

Think you are referring to slip editing.

I don’t know what the “Slip editing” is :stuck_out_tongue: But will search.

Maybe there’s a simpler way to do it, but you can slice your audio to hitpoints (there’s a command for that) and then quantize the new parts to grid.

Yes, I see it now. But it would be great to snap clip with transient.

Wouldn’t audio quantize do what you want?
Enable audio quantize on the toolbar, near the quantize operations, select the track, press q, and that’s it.