transindic lyrics in Academico

For the transliteration of lyrics from indic scripts, some glyphs are missing in the Academico font: dot under letters r R h t T d D n s S l L m -> ṛ Ṛ ḥ ṭ Ṭ ḍ Ḍ ṇ ṣ Ṣ ḷ Ḷ ṃ, as well as dot above n and m -> ṅ ṁ
Any idea how to add the missing glyphs to the font map?
Or any idea how to change the lyrics font to a more complete unicode font in Dorico elements 3?

Dear Retti,
I suppose someone with Dorico pro could send you a “template” file with another font chosen for the lyrics. Would you like that? If so, the most convenient thing would be for you to attach (zipping it) a blank dorico file that already has your settings, and explain which font you’d want for the lyrics (I find Linux Libertine O is elegant, free, and has plenty of glyphs included, but it would be better for you to choose the font you’d like.)
Hope this helps!

You can change the default text font for your projects on the General page of Preferences; this option exists in both Dorico Pro and Dorico Elements.

thanx, Daniel
this works perfect for new projects. (so I’ll copy the notes from the old project into a new one) btw I chose the “Times” font which has all the necessary characters (Libersina strangely has all but the ṛ, which it displays with a circle instead of a dot under the letter r)