Transparent Background for PNG Export

There´s allways a white background if you export a PNG and you have to open for instance Photoshop to convert it.
Thats no workflow at all, i mean, whatfor is a PNG good, if it doesn´t have a transparent background!?

Luckily, Dorico has an option for Mono PNGs (with no transparency), and Colour PNGs (with transparency), to suit all tastes.

Interesting. I’ve always used ‘mono’ for everything because there’s never a reason for color in my scores, but I’m glad to know the color option enables transparency. I’ve never tried that before.

I’m actually the opposite. I always use color for scores because sometimes I will hide something by setting the Alpha channel to 0 and that only works when exporting in color. In mono that’s bypassed and everything shows. I don’t have to do it that often, but I just got into the habit of always exporting PDFs in color in case I used that technique in the project. (No actual colors other than black are in the PDF of course.)

I’d always exported in B&W until I found that Dorico prints some things that I don’t want and was surprised to find that colour was the (logical) solution.