Transparent events in 6.5

I thought you could get transparent events in the latest updates of cubase 6 but I don’t see the feature in the preferences menu. I do notice the events are a little transparent but still not the same as the transparent events feature in previous versions of cubase. Is there a way to make them transparent like in cubase 5 or previous versions?

No, it’s not the same as in previous versions, but you now have, in Preferences>Event Display, “Event Handling Opacity”, which makes the events (variably) transparent while actually dragging them, and a new option, “Grid Overlay Intensity”, which “superimposes” the grid over existing events (in stead of, previously, seeing the grid underneath, i.e. “through”, a transparent event).

Thanks! This is much better than the previous versions!

Definitely not !!
( well … better then previous 6.x.x versions … )


Really? I can’t see why the old way is better. I at least like it better. What advantages did the transparent events have?

One major advantage was, that the old TE could be switched on/off via a shortcut.
So you could easily disable them when not needed, resulting in a much cleaner arrange view.
Also, the new half transparent design has problems with certain part colors.
I.e. with some colors the grid can’t be seen.
Also, the new Grid Overlay does not show the different grid ‘strenght’ for bars and subdivisions.