Transparent slider

I have a slider which only has the slider handle visible, the rest of the slider is transparent. I’ve also set the slider mode to touch so the user can only adjust the slider position by clicking on the handle.

However, there are other controls (other sliders) below the slider which i can’t adjust now since clicking on them won’t work because the click only gets to the top slider. What i need is the transparent part of the slider to also be ‘transparent’ for mouseclicks, so the control that is clicked on which is below the slider gets notified about the click.

I hope my question is clear, thanks!

There’s currently no way to do this with the unmodified slider control.

Thanks for your response.

You mean the slider control as in the CSlider class in VST GUI? Would it be possible if i modify it or create my own slider? Or do you mean it is not possible at all within the VSTGUI framework?

I think you should be able to create such slider control. Most likely you only need to change the onMouseDown method to return kMouseEventNotHandled in cases where it should not start the edit. Then the views below it should get a chance to handle the mouse down event.