Transparent text in black background, Mono export


I think it doesn’t work, so this might be a feature request, but can I create ‘transparent’ text in a black background and have that work with Mono graphics export? See attached image.


text on black background mono export

You can’t have any transparency in Mono graphics – and technically, that’s not what you want, because if the text was transparent, it would be see-through (and therefore black!). You can’t even have grey: it’s either 100% K or 0% K.

So, white text ‘reversed’ out of a black background ought to be possible, but doesn’t seem to be.

You’ll have to use Color instead, and then process the colorspace in a photo or vector editor, if it’s crucial.

I agree that in principle Dorico ought to allow a text item like this that uses only pure black and pure white to be exported correctly when exporting monochrome graphics. I’ve made a note of this and we’ll try to address this in a future release.