Transport always returns to start position on stop

Hi- I’ve searched the board(s) but haven’t found anything conclusive and posted this under issues also.

When I go to: Preferences->Transport->Return to Start Position on Stop, checked or unchecked the cursor always returns to start position.
Spacebar, numberpad +enter/0 combination or clicking stop in Cubase – it always returns to start.
On an Avid MC Control- the transport controls always return to start, QC controller Start/Stop also always returns cursor to start…
BUT on an iPad/Lemur the start/stop buttons (MIDI 115 & 116) function as expected.

Cubase 8.5 64bit does not exhibit the same issue- selecting/deselecting ‘Return to Start Position on Stop’ in preferences->transport functions as expected.

This has been driving me slightly crazy but now, in tedious editing mode, it’s growing legs. :cry: Any help is appreciated!!!

i believe that’s covered in the operations manual under “preferences/transport”


Thanks for the reply!
I’ll revisit the manual, again-
Which page do you believe it’s on?


Have you tried Cubase safe start?

Sorted- The problem was something to do with Lemur’s transport. If anyone else runs into this: I reprogrammed the stop button as a switch instead of a button & oua la.

This explains how it works-which I understand. Thanks for trying though.

How did you do this? I have the same issue… Checked or Unchecked, it always returns to start position on stop

Sorry I just noticed Lemur…which is something I don’t use. My issue is with my computer keyboard space bar



Regards :sunglasses:

I have the same problem, if I check or uncheck "Return to stop positon on stop it goes back to the beginning. I didnt have this problem until I updated to the latest 9.5 version

This only happened to me in Cubase 10 and it was due to this:

Is there any way to make cubase like protools Ableton and logic? When you hit stop/spacebar the transport stops dead in place. Then when you hit play/spacebar again it starts from the last selected position.
How can something so simple be so maddening . This one function destroys the whole cubase experience for me.
I don’t want return to start position on stop. I want return to start position on play.

I don’t think directly in Preferences, no

One option might be to use a Marker and assign key commands, e.g.

  • Ctrl + Space to Set Marker 1 at the point you want the playback to begin (and possibly Start playback)
  • Alt + Space to Go To Marker 1 (and possibly Start playback)
  • Space to just Stop/Start playback at current Cursor position