Transport and lower edge of SL ARA disappears behind the Windows taskbar in ARA full screen mode

I usually enable the transport bar in SL10 ARA within CB12Pro, but when I then maximise SL ARA, the maximisation is incorrect and goes full physical screen size, instead of full physical screen minus taskbar height, putting the lower edge of SL and its transport bar behind the Windows taskbar, and therefore invisible. (The problem exists without having the SL transport enabled - it’s just that the hidden transport makes it blindingly obvious that there is a problem.)

If I hide the windows task bar, the transport and bottom edge of SL ARA is all there, but it should be all there with the windows taskbar present too.

Any chance of a fix for this, as it’s my preferred method of operation.

If it makes any difference to the fix, I run a multi-monitor system.

(It’s impossible to provide a screenshot of this as the ARA windows disappears as soon as I issue the screen grab command. If you really need one, let me know and I’ll do something with a camera.)


Hi, there’s no fullscreen mode in ARA (I tested both Cubase 12 and Cubase 13), how do you go fullscreen ?


The button highlighted below appears to make my ARA session go full screen. If I read you correctly you are saying this is not actually a full screen button, but a “pop-out new window” button, in which case my ARA window must have been resized too large at some point so it looks like full screen. With that information I have now successfully resized the ARA window so I can see the bottom part which was hidden previously.

Is there a reason we can’t have an actual full screen ARA option?

Thanks for your assistance.


That button means “embed back SpectraLayers UI inside Cubase UI” (close the floating window, and make SpectraLayers appear in the “Editor” tab below your Cubase tracks).

Indeed if that Editor area is shrinked too much vertically, you might lose some UI elements.

Regarding a full screen option, that’s up to the DAW - the plugin is only allowed to show inside the area designated by the host DAW. So basically that would be a request to pass to the Cubase team. Everything above the white menu bar in SpectraLayers depends on the DAW.

Yes of course. I meant the opposite arrow which opens the new window. I thought that would be obvious.

Sorry - yes you’re correct, it’s just a pop-up button, not a full screen button.