Transport bar design flaw in Cubase 10


In older Cubase versions, the transport bar could be moved super easily. One could grab it basically everywhere in order to move it around.

Now with the transport bar contained in Cubase 10 (not sure when this new transport bar was introduced) I have to move the mouse cursor all the way to the left or to the right in order to grab it.

This is extremely time-taking and unnerving.

I have attached a screenshot that shows how it should behave instead.

Alternatively, the edges which currently only exist on the left and right could also be shown on the top and bottom edges of the screen.

Sometimes I just don’t understand why such things happen and why I am ALWAYS (!!!) the first to complain.
What I hear like 10 times a year is “All the years nobody noticed it!” or “We sell 10.000 copies each year, and nobody complained about it”.

In this case I ask myself how this could happen, and why am I - again - seemingly the only one to complain?

Does nobody else use the transport bar???