Transport Bar Marker Numbers

There used to be a really handy bank of marker numbers on the transport bar. Has it been removed? I can’t find it in 9.5 One of my most handy things ever.


I’m sorry, this section has been removed with the Transport Panel redesign.


Most of the stuff that is/was available on the transport bar (panel) is now available on the project window or mixconsole taskbar (like the bank of marker numbers). Once you set them up, you can kiss that transport panel bye bye. A space saver for sure. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses:

Ok thanks I’ll check that out.

One thousand percent true. That floating transport was always getting in the way of something.

I found it - it’s still there if you press F2 the floating transport panel appears and then right click on a blank area of the transport panel and select Show + Markers. There is enough space to have be apart of the fixed transport bar. They should make an option to add it there as well as a user preference. I far prefer using this over the Markers window which you have to have floating about or keep highlighting the marker track then press the corresponding marker number which requires more clicks and time.

The fastest marker method I use is in Ableton where I click Add Locator on the timeline at my various marker points and then map those marker numbers to my keyboard number pad. I then fly around the project timeline with one simple click on the number pad that is always right there. I’d like to try and set something similar up in Cubase if possible?