Transport bar/selection sluggishness?

I’ve noticed that Dorico occasionally has a ‘sluggish’ moment, where I click on a note and it takes a few moments to react. I’m wondering if this has to do with a behavior I just noticed: if the transport bar is open when I do this, sometimes the transport bar pops to the ‘front’ of the editing window during this ‘sluggish’ episode. I’ve also seen the transport bar pop to the ‘front’ while doing nothing. I’m wondering if this is symptomatic of a background process activating when it shouldn’t, or an unintended interaction with Windows 10.

How big is the score? If could be autosave.

I’ve no idea about the transport bar - I rarely use it. I switch autosave off on large scores as well, since Dorico crashes are rare events, once I realized that was causing he pauses in response.

Yup, it’s the autosave. Occasionally, saving (auto or otherwise) seems to cause the transport bar to do this.


Clicking on a note also occasionally causes the transport bar thingie, with autosave turned off.