Transport bar

Nice upgrade, really happy with it.

Just a simple Question: is there a way to make the (detached) transport bar buttons larger/higher ? pls see pic.

I dont mean the transport buttons in the main window.
I mean the bar which you can customize and place wherever you want.



To each his own but… I hated the floating transport bar when it was the only option. I just wish Steinberg would make all of the options available for the transport bar be available in the project window upper taskbar set up toolbar menu.

Regards :sunglasses:

Yes, nice to look at but not to use…
I have been using Cubase for over 20 years (from version 1 Atari and then PC) and since then, love using the floating high transport bar, but I do not like this new long one.
I prefer to have the possibility to resize the float transport bar at our discretion. In this way it would be (as it was before) more efficient and faster to use. Having more commands on the same area is better than having the same commands spread all along the horizontal bar. Forgive me, but even a child understands it…
The same goes for the Toolbar.
The changes must be made to optimize production times, not to lengthen them in favor of a good aesthetic taste.

Oh well, I suppose theres no going back so I’ll just try and get used to the "new world*.
Anyway thanks for your answers.

One of my less favorite features the new transport bar. I still cannot see how they can replace the old one with something that has less features and is more difficult to use. Design over function?