Transport bar


I’ve just upgraded from Cubase 8.5 to 9.0.2 but the transport bar is not docked. It is showing as being docked in the frames set up on the top right. Alt-ctrl-T only makes some tabs at the bottom pop in and out but no transport bar.

How do I remedy this?



Isn’t it a transport bar at the bottom?

No it’s not showing at the bottom.

I just opened a new Empty project the attached screen grabs show what I was getting - one was Transport on the other off.

It wouldn’t show for an existing project either.

I then opened a template for distortion guitar and vocals and lo and behold the transport was there.

Even stranger it’s now there if I open a new Empty or an existing project.

I’ve definitely found a Cubase 9 bug. But hopefully it’ll be there next time I open a project.